Social Feed Design

Social Feed Design

Role: social media manager, content creator (copywriting, photography, design)

Social media plays an important role in growth hacking for lots of early-stage startup companies. When precisely select content and target, you may reach a wide range of audiences and make an impression.

When I was the social media manager of Wali, a Seattle startup providing data-driven marketing and digital payment service to small-medium scale businesses, I was responsible for content creation for its social feeds.

Since the customer-facing side app has a total of approx. 200,000 users and the major clients are restaurants, food & beverage shops, we decided to act as a foodie personality on social. Meanwhile, foodie content appears to be more attractive and engaging to reach a wider audience.

Externally, I took and edit photos of the company’s mascot “Wali Bunny (made by an amazing craftswoman!” with local businesses. People who manage those Instagram accounts were glad to connect with us thanks to the cute mascot and high-quality photo when tagged. Our Instagram is also the pilot stop when reaching out to potential clients.

Internally, I worked closely with the marketing, sales, and engineering team, integrating service & product info and marketing events into routine social feeds.

Admittedly, as an early member of an early-stage startup, sometimes you may work as a “firefighter” and wear different hats. I’m could be the social media manager and outreach specialist, event planner at the same time. However, the rotation of these roles has endowed me with a better understanding of seeing social media channel as an important outlet and inlet functioning in marketing processes and product feedback side.

I also design social feeds for local businesses, government announcements, non-profit org events.


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