Hello, nǐ hǎo, I'm Jiong.

Jiong /dʒiɒn/ means “eyes bright” in Chinese. Unfortunately, I became short-eyesighted early in childhood due to reading story books on the bed. 

I loved books so much and decided to work in a press when growing up. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Publishing Science, where I learned print layout and content editing.

But I was told “newspaper (or in some other version, book) is dying”. Wait, really?

Having worked in both digital and traditional media companies, I found the core of design and storytelling remain the same in both areas. Whether it is the reader/user, or it is the layout/user flow, designing and crafting the content to be accessible and digestible to all audience is the ultimate goal.

Perhaps print would disappear one day. But new media will arise, and the art of design and storytelling will be there, always.

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Fun Facts about Me:

chill skier
milk tea maker
ramen craver
in-house plant killer & saver
meme generator
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